Carla Killough McClafferty


Forgiving God: A Woman's Struggle to Understand When God Answers No

This beautifully told story of triumph over tragedy reveals a Mother's spiritual and emotional journey back to God after losing her son to accidental injuries.

Forgiving God: A Woman's Struggle when God Answers No was a Doubleday Crossings Book Club selection.

In the last hours of her son Corey's short life, Carla McClafferty prayed desperately that God would send a miracle to save him. When God answered "No," she tried to understand and then to forgive God for taking Corey from her.

Her poingnant struggle to overcome her doubts and answer her questions about God's goodness in seemingly hopeless circumstances showed her that "sometimes, God doesn't change our circumstances, He changes us in our circumstances."

For all who face questions without answers, forgiving God describes from experinece and through Scripture how God comes alongside those experiencing loss and gently turns confusion and pain into comfort and hope.


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